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Ella & Ollie Popcorn

Webster Groves, MO


Nostalgic memories of stove-top popcorn inspired Matt, Michelle and Lily Ella Helms to search for a popcorn of superior quality and taste. We discovered what is now our "signature popcorn" - a small yellow seed that pops into a huge, flavorful, low-hull popcorn. Ella & Ollie Signature Popcorn is an heirloom variety - meaning it has not been crossbred with other popcorn genetics in over 5O years - maintaining more of its nutritional value and offering a higher quality taste. Our love for popcorn and history of family farming made it an easy leap to grow this culinary delight on Helms Farms.

For over 150 years and across seven generations, the Helms family has been farming in Belleville, IL, just 16 miles from the St. Louis Arch. Ella and Ollie has been in business for four years, growing popcorn for retailers, gourmet popcorn shops, kettle corn stands, and movie theaters. We have evolved from growing our first, signature-heirloom variety, to now growing five distinct varieties of specialty popcorn. Our signature popcorn is sold at retailers and online. Our other four hybrids include white, butterfly, and two mushroom varieties. Butterfly is a favorite among movie-theater clients because the popped kernel spreads out to catch all the buttery salty flavor. Our mushroom varieties are grown for gourmet popcorn shops and kettle-corn producers, offering little to no hull and a large, round ball for flavorings to stick to.

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April 17th, 2021

20% off Ella & Ollie Popcorn for one week. It's a great time to try our gourmet popcorn or refill your pantry before the sale ends.

March 8th, 2021

Ella & Ollie Popcorn is now offering 3 new products. Including a new white popcorn grown on our seven generation farm in Belleville, IL.

January 9th, 2021

New to Market Wagon.....Ella & Ollie Popcorn. Grown on Helms Farms, a seven generation farm in Belleville, Illinois.