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CapraCadabra Bath & Body

Rockwood, TN


Handmade Soap and other Bath & Body Products made with Goat Milk & Goat Milk Yogurt from our small herd of Oberhasli Dairy Goats here in Rockwood, Tennessee.

No Sulfates • No Parabens • No Phthalates • No Formaldehyde • No Mineral Oil

Using only Salon-Quality Ingredients. The most gentle coconut-based surfactants. And where needed, we use the safest, most effective preservative available - approved WORLDWIDE (even by stringent European Union regulations). Skin-safe colorants like nature-identical mica (a much safer alternative to natural, mined mica which is contaminated with heavy metals and toxins).

Contact us with questions about our ingredients - we're proud of the products we create and would be happy to discuss them with you!

HandCrafted from scratch in small batches.

WHY PLASTIC? For our soaps and hair care products, we're as eco-friendly as possible, using glassine and paper wrappers. However, where an actual container is needed, we must use plastic in our Bath & Body products. At this time, there's no suitable alternative for use in the wet and slippery bathrooom environment. In spite of the growing trend away from plastic, we must focus on safety first. If you've ever stood in the shower surrounded by water and invisible shards of glass, you know why we don't use glass in the bathroom, ever.

ALL-NATURAL? If a product in our line is labeled "All-Natural", this means literally all of the ingredients are natural and not created in a lab. Since the term "All-Natural" is not a regulated term, you'll find many creators using it to describe products that contain artificial colorants or fragrances. We have nothing against lab-created ingredients - we use them frequently. But it's misleading to claim that a product containing such ingredients is "All-Natural".

MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE ILLEGAL: We'll never claim that a product is good for an ailment. You see it often on other websites - but this is against the law. The FDA regulates products that help alleviate medical disorders (even claiming "relief" from problems like acne or eczema) and strictly forbid us from making such claims as a small producer, without their regulatory oversight. That said, there are lots of essential oils and other additives that are said to relieve various problems. The customer should do their own research to determine what ingredients would be helpful for their particular situation, and seek products that contain those ingredients.





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April 24th, 2021

Hello East Tennessee - We've added lots of new soap varieties from the cure shelf. It's a dreary day, so come on in and browse our listings!

March 17th, 2021

Good Morning! Our sales will be paused until next Wed. (3/24) for a brief vacation. Tomorrow's orders will be filled as usual. Thank you! <3

March 1st, 2021

Good morning, East Tennessee! To cheer us up on a dreary day, we've added some of our new soap varieties - Thanks for shopping Local! <3

February 19th, 2021

Are your lips cracked & peeling from cold weather/dry heat? Lip Care Duo (Flavored Lip Scrub & Serum) to the rescue to Exfoliate and Soothe!

February 15th, 2021

Good morning Tennessee! Our Shower Smooth Sugar Scrub is now available in "Café Frappé" - an invigorating wake-me-up for dreary mornings!

February 2nd, 2021

Good Morning, East Tennessee! We've added some of our small-batch fragranced soaps to the Soap & Cosmetics section, with more to come! <3

January 26th, 2021

LOVE being part of this locally-sourced market! Thanks to MW Mgmt & Staff - and to you, our customers for your support of this project! <3