Farming Engineers Organic Produce

Kirklin, IN


Growing produce with organic methods since 2008 on our central Indiana family farm. USDA certified organic since 2017.





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October 9th, 2021

Happy October! Arugula, zesty greens, red turnips, and kale are back, and new dried herb & flower items are in the crafts category!

August 31st, 2021

Welcome to September! We're now open for Tuesday delivery as well as for Thursday.

June 11th, 2021

Cucumbers and beautiful lettuce heads this week!

March 19th, 2021

We have spinach and garlic available this week!

January 30th, 2021

We have some beautiful baby salad turnips, and a lot of green lettuce heads for you this week!

January 2nd, 2021

Zesty greens mix, spinach, garlic, microgreens, pea shoots, and some baby bok choy available this week!

October 22nd, 2020

We're back! Leafy greens, radishes, turnips, and new fall dried flower items as well as the onions and garlic you love.

September 12th, 2020

Baby yellow ginger now available!

August 16th, 2020

Newly added items this week: Dragon tongue and green beans, eggplant, and sweet peppers. Enjoy the tastes of summer!

August 7th, 2020

15% off red tomatoes this week!

July 12th, 2020

Summer zucchini special this week!

July 6th, 2020

Heirloom tomatoes! Flowers! Summer is here, enjoy the flavors.

June 29th, 2020

Green lettuce heads, cucumbers, and parsley added today!

March 1st, 2020

Greens mix, spinach, and kale are available again this week.

December 17th, 2019

Spinach, this week only! Frost sweetened, full sized leaves!

October 11th, 2019

10 percent off hot peppers this week- get yours before the frost!

October 7th, 2019

Hot peppers and tomatoes are 10 percent off this week!

September 23rd, 2019

20% off red tomatoes this week!

September 17th, 2019

10 percent off our organic red slicing tomatoes!

November 4th, 2018

Squash special 15% off! We move our squash into winter storage when it gets COLD. Save us time, save you money!