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"YoBul!" Is St,Louis, MO based yogurt company.
We produce a unique True Bulgarian Yogurt. Made in small batches weekly using farm fresh whole milk from JERSEY COWS (KILGUS FARMSTEAD in Fairbury IL} and authentic yogurt cultures from BULGARIA which make it stand out among the rest brands.
Our traditional methods and specifically selected authentic strains of cultures "Lactobacillus bulgaricus" promote long and healthy life.
" Secret to Longevity! "
"YoBul!" is consider a boutique product limited to Plain and few
Inventive flavors ( ROSE, COCONUT and RASPBERRY )
* No SUGAR Added
* Sweetened with 100% Organic STEVIA Extract
We produce also a 100% Seep Milk Yogurt - PLAIN suitable for those with lactose intolerance





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