Nature's Plow

Montgomery City, MO


We call our little farm Nature’s Plow because nature is the Chief Executive Officer, and we have to work with nature even if she leaves us without any rain or too much snow or if she decides a tornado is a good idea. Nature is our business partner and we are at the mercy of her plow. It’s our love of the farm and the future we want to build for our family that keeps us inspired and moving forward. We hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to share a little bit of what we love with you. The meat products we provide are USDA inspected, safe, fresh and nutritious when it reaches your family. We provide farm fresh beef, pork and lamb. We also grow limited fruits and vegetables and partner with other farmers to ensure we have an abundant supply for our customers.

Our promise is to provide you with fresh food you can trust. Your food will always be fresh from our farm to your table. If you aren’t satisfied, we will make it right. Learn more about our family farm at





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