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We are a gluten and dairy-free food company whose mission is to employ and provide job skills training to people on the autism spectrum. Our storefront is located in Carmel's Arts and design district on Main St. We currently have 23 employees that are on the spectrum; that’s all of our employees! Our company began when my son was turning 18 and transitioning to adulthood. He said he wanted to be a chef in restaurant. It would’ve been impossible. He wasn’t verbal enough to make it through an interview. If a restaurant would take a chance on him, he’d be relegated to the dishwasher. He has an incredible palate and like most people on the spectrum amazing detail and process skills. A dishwashing position would be a waste of his potential and most likely a disaster.

All parents want their children to grow to be happy fulfilled people. So with a lot of hope and hustle we decided to make his dream of being a chef a reality and give other people’ s children an opportunity for meaningful work.

Here are some statistics so you know the positive change you’ll be making when buying from us. Three quarters of people in their 20’s on the spectrum are unemployed. The under and unemployment rate combined is 90%. The statistics get worse the older a person on the spectrum is. No label pays a living wage. Our employees work is of the same value as their non-disabled peers. We see ability where others don't and want to change their minds.





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