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Shady Grove Farms

Brussel Sprouts

Fruits & Vegetables: Fresh, No Herbicide, No Pesticide, No Synthetic Fertilizer, Non-GMO

Such a yummy veggie and perfect for the cooler weather. A quart of brussel sprouts in each order. USA / Oh / Fayette County

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Q: What type of insecticides do you use?

A: 'Organic products'

November 18th, 2021 person_outline Linda C.
Q: How many do you get ? Half pound ?

A: A quart of brussel sprouts average out to 1-1.25 pounds.

April 1st, 2021 person_outline Florence H.
star star star_outline star_outline star_outline

format_quotetoo big were jumbo, tastelessformat_quote

November 18th, 2021 person_outline kathy a.
star star star star star

format_quoteThese were nice size Brussel Sprouts and have great flavor!format_quote

April 1st, 2021 person_outline Cindy C.
star star star star star

format_quoteThese were wonderful roasted with bacon and garlic cloves! format_quote

March 23rd, 2021 person_outline Jennifer K.
star star star star star

format_quoteFresh and tasty!format_quote

February 3rd, 2021 person_outline Andrea D.
star star star star star

format_quoteExcellent taste. Good amount. We loved them roasted!format_quote

January 14th, 2021 person_outline Carolmarie S.
star star star star star

format_quoteBeautiful and delicious.format_quote

January 3rd, 2021 person_outline Clarissa C.
star star star star star


October 1st, 2020 person_outline Charles T.
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