Ready to sell online?

Market Wagon's local markets offer a fun and easy expansion opportunity for local food producers.

MarketWagon operates online Farmers Markets serving the Indianapolis area, Lafayette, Evansville, and Kokomo, delivering to homes and businesses and a population of nearly three million residents.  We have over a hundred vendors and over a thousand products currently offered.  Our markets offer a mix like you’d see at any physical farmers’ market…from produce, eggs, cheese, and meat, to snacks, soups, baked goods, and heat-and-eat entrées from local kitchens and restaurants.

In some ways selling through MarketWagon is like being a vendor at a physical farmers market:

  • You decide what product(s) to sell
  • You decide how much inventory you can offer
  • You decide how to describe it, display it, and price it
  • You deliver the products on our weekly market day
  • You benefit from the exposure of being in the market, regardless of how much you sell

Our online farmers market is also different from physical farmers markets in some important ways:

  • There are no booth fees, membership fees, or other fixed fees to join.
  • You display and describe your products through an easy-to-use online portal.
  • You can offer an unlimited selection of products.
  • You arrive, fulfill orders, and leave. There is no need to sit for hours in a booth.
  • Everything you haul is already bought and paid for.
  • We collect the funds from the customers when they order, and you are paid within three business days of your delivery.
  • In exchange for our hosting this market, promoting your brand, and delivering your goods, we take a small percentage from the retail price.

To the customer, our market is much like a physical farmers market except for offering online ordering convenience and a larger selection.  Customers can ask questions online.  Orders are delivered the day we receive the products to a market host location, or for a small fee directly to the customer’s home.

To get started, complete this form to let us know what you have to offer.

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