Golden Egg Farms Proves a Golden Opportunity

Jun 3rd, 2021

Food shortages made it difficult to find high quality, high protein foods and greens. So what was Christina Hinks' solution? To produce her own. 

In April 2020, Christina and her husband Jeff started raising quail and growing microgreens for themselves. After seeing success and wanting to share it with others, they decided to join Market Wagon in September and business took off almost immediately. 

Golden Egg Farms focuses on humane farming and reducing waste. All of their quail and greens are delicately cared for, and any food waste from farming gets supplemented back to the quail as part of their feed to be as sustainable as possible. The farm began by just selling their products as is, but soon they began preparing food to sell as meals, too.

Christina comes from a restaurant background which made this the perfect task for her. Jeff took on the role as their baker, producing some of the best cookies you’ll ever taste. With their home cooked meal options, it’s no wonder that Golden Egg Farms’ sales have continued to rapidly increase since partnering with Market Wagon. The farm is currently reaching five different markets (including Northern Illinois, Madison, Southeast Wisconsin, Michiana and Chicago Lakeshore) and is continuing to expand. Soon the couple will open a retail location to sell their products and focus on home delivery in tangent with their Market Wagon partnership. 

Above anything, the couple is incredibly thankful for the opportunities their farm and Market Wagon have given them. After being in an accident resulting in a neck injury, Christina was unable to work for two years. Starting the farm gave her a new purpose. Partnering with Market Wagon gave her the opportunity to work again. Being able to connect with their valued customers and launch this business felt like a gift to them. 

If you’re interested in trying Golden Egg Farms, their oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies couldn’t be rated any higher.